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WCG2013 All Countries LOL Teams Have Identified Except Korea


    WCG2013 World Finals time previously had been confirmed, will be held in Kunshan November 28, which is undoubtedly much influence alliance players welcome one of the games, here we bring WCG2013 World Finals League of Legends various countries teams. Season Series League of Legends World Championship does not represent the country, but each team. They are fighting for their own sake, not a country.


    The WCG system is based on competition between countries. Countries from around the world, who can win? It is reported that, WCG World Finals will be held by the end of November 2013 held in Kunshan, China, let us look at each of the national hero Union wcg2013 Representative team.


    LOL WCG2013 World Finals teams:


    The teams have to Qualify:

    Brazil Qualifier: Kabum get WCG position. [ Kabum established less than two months ]


    Canadian Qualifier: Nexus Gaming obtain WCG position.


    Colombian Qualifier: Dash9 Gaming obtain WCG position. [ Established team of more than a year in South America routed to the first three, but missed entering any world-class competition ]


    French Qualifier: Millenium obtain WCG position. [ 2011 Take establishment, entered the ranks of world-class competition, 2011 # 4 WCG, many of which are now established players Fnatic players ].


    German Qualifier: ESC Gaming obtain WCG position. [ Founded two years of the team, only participated in two races in Germany dominate, yet entered the world-class competition ]


    Hong Kong Qualifier: Energy Pacemaker.HK get WCG position. [ Established less than a year team, China LPL Summer Race # 8 ].

    Japanese Qualifier: Rampage get WCG position. [ Team up for a year in Japan, it is not the strongest. ]


    Peru Qualifiers: Arenales Net Games get WCG position. [ 2011 establishment of the team, and now it took two games... no future ]


    Poland Qualifier: MeetYourMakers get WCG position. [ 2011 establishment of the team, entered the ranks of the world, Europe # 8 ]


    Russian Qualifier: mjaso get WCG position. [ GMB where to go! ]


    Thai Qualifier: MiTH Flashdive get WCG position. [ Build ] less than half of the team


    Turkey Qualifying: Dark Passage obtain WCG position. [ Formation of the team less than a year, but they took a lot of games, entered the world-class competition in Turkey is irresistible. ]


    China Qualifier: OMG WE will represent our country and set off!


    South Korean Qualifier: not yet determined.


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