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WE Clan RuoFeng Impression on S4 Preseason Testing


    Hello, everyone, I am WE clan RuoFeng, the other day in Los Angeles before the end of S4 preseason testing, today should be invited to come here greatly forum to share with you the preseason test impressions.

    First, S4 preseason this update, so I think the competitive nature of the game and a lot of fun on the improve.


    In S4 preseason, a group of war will become less, one minute to brush soldier, a sub- 30S brush wild ( testing service information may later be modified ), new jewelry ( three capabilities, which are 60S eye, development, and small insight ) is to allow the emergence of a smaller group operability, after which the game may RANK and rarely seen a group fighting the must mention is that the former four minutes a blood money will become less, only 240, who would not hesitate to order this money online experience to play a college?


    Vision system changes and the grass will make some changes in the crossfire become more localized, who make good use of the new jewelry ( ie 7 equipment location, only put the vision -related items ) will compete directly determine your vision and Bureau winning the battle field, so start with jewelry began to get started using it, this is definitely the most important thing is that this version of the article!


    And assists systems and suppport massive changes, will allow suppport become more capable of CARRY, suppport this version will be various channels to obtain money ( talent, assists, tower, new equipment, and AD reform fight money ) in the test I found that assists money is too much, when testing Madlife in our side will always have a lot of equipment, there is one he suppport me when I found him in eight minutes when there is a philosopher's stone + Ruby + syrup, and that of course is a very easy to win down, suppport and AD are now under way if we play pop, suppport will become CARRY point, I believe the future will appear in a variety of suppport on game:)


    Jungling changes that one more creeps and Jungling equipment changes, I have to say now Jungling the equipment plus the money it is added too much, especially the lantern ( testing service provided 40% of the creeps money Bonus ) several other pieces of equipment also provides a pretty good money, assists the increase of money, so this is the audience wandering Jungling, gained more money available. And more out of that creeps in early is definitely a gospel, a good experience and money available, but it is not difficult to play, balancing on the map also contributed to every fourth block map has three Nakano, now Nakano is much richer.


    S4 preseason version is very interesting, when testing we had a good time, suppport now a thing can not be ignored. The talent changes, let AP become more interesting, though suppport and Jungling has increased, but the AP and AD damage but also because of the talent changes and becomes higher, this version of the AP to be more proactive with wild migratory area, on the map more competition for resources. How to help fight wild areas and other road to more resources and tower Nakano money will become mainstream rhythm.


    In the test, when we each round of the game is very fast paced. Tower of money to get pre- upgrade ( a tower A tower that person out will get 250 dollars, 75 dollars + all ), developmental point up speed becomes faster, the overall pace is to actively combat the development of pre-, whether the tower, dragon, or BUFF, have become a very important point of contention, and the new horizons gem props to increase, but also to be more dominant parties have the opportunity to attack, underdogs also received some anti- playing capabilities.


    Dragon BUFF changes ( gain BUFF party will get a similar five -speed shoes BUFF, and the demolition of the tower capacity addition ) so when get BUFF after the demolition of the tower is called..... I think the speed of a card out of the Lich hat blue card after two seconds off the towers will be able to. But before the big dragon BUFF did not so strong against the capacity, the defender must take the initiative to attack, or tower explosion is really fast.


    In the test was finished, I was really looking forward to the arrival of the preseason, it must be a very fun version, we have been playing for a long period of time version of S3, S3 is a very good version, but still looking forward to the new version soon, because the new changes really fresh and very attractive in the preseason hero who does not know what will become the mainstream of the preseason, what kind of tactics will become the mainstream of the preseason. In addition, based on our test S4 playoffs global player feedback and comments, Riot company will at this stage be further modified. Maybe there are more surprises waiting for us:) Unknown


    Do you want to play the new version? Let us look forward to the upcoming preseason now!

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