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WGT 2013 LOL Schedule And Events


    World Gamemaster Tournament, referred WGT, sponsored by ASUS top international e-sports event. In 2006 the first official race war, in 2007, Intel and Microsoft co-sponsors to join us, has gone through five brilliant. As the world's top e-sports events in the world, WGT has gone through seven years of development. In May this year, WGT2013 eSports Masters will be the resumption of fighting. This time, the WGT2013 many highlights, not only Asus provides high-performance electronic products, more known domestic and foreign players to participate in this game, of course, there are many exciting events. This time, the WGT2013 absolutely not to be missed is a wonderful event.


    The WGT2013 official events a total of five, except now the most popular hero Alliance (LOL), but also includes new gaming online game "Heroes Three Kingdoms" and traditional athletic events "DOTA Allstars", "Warcraft 3 "(War 3) and the world's most popular FPS game" Counter-Strike Global Offensive "(CSgo).


    A heavyweight tournament certainly no less a star player's style, from LOL to DOTA Allstars, from CSgo to War 3, WGT2013 official are invited heavyweight star players: LOL freshman team leader "royal Royal" and so on, and in the WGT2013 War 3 officially announced this project will serve as the final line of an invitational project, online crazy pass this invitation to the four heavyweight star will be once the King War 3 level character: "Beastmaster Grubby", "month God Moon "," Man Wong Sky "and" China Ghosts TED ".


    "Heroes Union" is an independent subsidiary of Tencent's 1Riot Games developed 3D gaming arena battle, the creative team is made Dota-Allstars strength of a strong central figure, as well as other famous game company Blizzard art, procedures, planning personnel, will DOTA gameplay from war platform extends to the online gaming world. In addition to the rhythm of the game DotA, real-time strategy, fighting as a team, the "Heroes Union" has characteristics of a hero, automatic matching of war platform, including talent tree, Summoner system, runes and other elements, allowing the player to experience a whole new hero game. Competition will be conducted in the official game service, registration service is not restricted zone.


    In view of the current project has four WGT2013 game, the participating teams and individual enrollment must meet their basic requirements for the number of entries. "Heroes Union" 5v5, 5v5 players if they did not meet, you want to get the rank with the fastest time, eloboostlol provides the best and efficient League of Legends Elo Boost and League of Legends Coaching service!


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