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What Position To LPG in League of Legends



    Many people have asked, would like to know is nothing more than " how can I LPG, what position to LPG", there are a lot of forum posts are questions too, of course, the answer is no one here simply under personal opinion, I hope you You can get some want.


    First of all, my personal opinion is that you fight with you what position LPG completely unrelated to the location of your playing level is higher than the others, and if you look carefully, you discover what position marked with a diamond everyone Yes, but these are for you?


    I believe everyone has so much in love with the hero, or shunt, some people like ADC, some people like to hit and so on, does not matter, I want to say is that you can determine where you are this way, when you play each game can play advantage? ( Opposite the restraint you would not be pressed ), if you can not guarantee this, then I can only say I'm sorry, you do not have the basic requirements for LPG.


    This is a 5V5 team game, each location has its own thing to do, indispensable, what position you play, we should do the things they should do in order to finally win it, so I ask, when you sometimes active / passive playing position, you should really do this position the contribution you? ( Especially the low segment complementary support bit ) If you can not, I'm sorry, you can not go up points are not an accident.


    Many people have complained about how every event pits, just want to complain, never wondering why lose? Where lose? Which you have thought about it? This dish lose, blame others, the dish loses, or blame others, complain to complain to, you still squatting there. Who encounter the so-called "on-hook ", " for spray " when, of course, I also inevitable, but God is fair, calculated in accordance with the principles of law of large numbers, everyone's encountered this situation are similar. Today you have three consecutive quarrel opposite hook win LPG, so cool, I believe you will encounter one's own quarrel after hanging up - come out to mix sooner or later have to repay. LPG is obviously not expect this situation, if that number is indeed very unlucky, always met SB, Well, to please a Leveling with your number, the results must be LPG. Therefore, the level of no is no, do not excuse the pit the pit, which is not a reason, noob is not terrible, who are noob over, for fear that noob also pretentious, are the people of the world bear my state of mind, then I'm sorry, what level where squatting on it.


    Like LPG, in addition to basic skills ( operation ), the most important sense of awareness that things are not able to train for one or two days out, initially online awareness, and finally on the overall situation awareness, if your overall sense of place, gold is your bottleneck. Awareness is particularly complex because of this thing, not go into here.


    Won the light when not proud, to reflect on their own to win Where? I carry his teammates, or his teammates carry me? Why do we fight so smoothly? I have done? Why do we wind comeback? Upwind downwind turn turning point in what?


    When the wind but also to reflect on? Where do we lose? Is not good lineup? It is opposite the restraint? Our vision is not in place? We support enough? Was my mission when stations playing bad? My skills to the wrong person? I do not chase people patronize cool? And so on......


    Consciousness come from? Is a reflection of these constantly, constantly learn in order to continue to progress, a long time is the experience that instinct.


    Like LPG, it must have its own very good way, and 1 to 2 2 to 3 heroes, what is good? Good is when I get this hero, I will be more than players with high levels across segmented.


    Finally, I would say that for each location several common mistakes, especially the low segment of people to be a summary, but also people who are good at each position requires frequent reflect on the situation:


    First, as the top: I pre- fight how? Whether suppressed opposite? Opposite restrained me, I withstood the pressure has not been pressed? Always come across Jungling squatting me if I do make knives wretched vision? Opposite Jungling invasion Nakano quickly when I supported and played advantage? I view the case in the absence of the opposite Nakano wander lead caught? If I am out of the meat dress, whether Mission station played a role in the front row? If I am out of the output is loaded, whether the battlefield at the right time to cut across the C threat? If I just get open group, I open the group at the right time? What was the situation? My attire is correct?


    Second, as Jungling: I control his wild area is not anti- wild? I use vision control the opposite Nakano? Do I make an effective support for online? Am I at the right time to go for gank? When they find the opposite Jungling whether the anti- squatting squatting when I? I successfully got the size of the dragon? If I am able to open group, whether or not the right time to open group? If the open group is poor, I protect your back?


    Third, as a mid: I suppressed opposite? I was the opposite suppressed? Whether in the wind when I do not view so successful walk across the middle? I used the hero 's role in team battles what? If an assassin, I give success across the output threat? If it is continuous output, if I maximize the output wretched protect yourself? My walk was arrested there mistakes made?


    Fourth, as the ADC: I make knives whether to suppress the opposite? support status? My state? Can you play? support did not give in to the vision of the place is dangerous? The opposite is true or mistakes take place in the play? I go broke if the opposite Jungling in squatting how do? Our combination of the fight over whether the opposite? Are there any skills across? Group fights when I walk without mistakes? Am I maximizing my output? Opposite who pose the greatest threat to me? I want to how to protect yourself?


    Fifth, as support: the road early next vision is guaranteed? The state of the ADC? Can we mix played opposite? Is to take up a knife radical repression or wretched tactics? ADC has dangerous when I do my best ability to protect him? ADC mortal decisive circumstances I sell? My vision is to achieve medium-term position? When the wind is across the map basically lit? Headwind when their Nakano are all on? I called at the right time teammate Canada dragons? The time to choose the correct group to push? Playing skills of the group when I left who? Opposite is the upper hand? Or to protect the output?


    Six, as each position: I have dragged rhythm? When my teammates dangerous if done quickly support? I did not view the situation in the opposite Nakano wander lead to anti- caught? When I wind waves up? Headwind when I do to help his teammates vision and protect each other?


    Summary: said a long time, my point is simply that, anywhere you like it or not has nothing to do LPG, or your own level is higher than other segments of the same person, if if is higher than his teammates, can carry up teammates, then you will LPG, on the contrary, often teammates carry, then do not count on LPG, and every day all over the world call the pit, who also can not save you, only you can save your own, silver segmented players, to give you a diamond's number is also will fight back, which is fair game, luck is only momentary, but not forever.


    May be a bit much, I believe many people would be reluctant to see these words looked down, I just want to see where the students really can learn what you want, change their attitude is not enough to find their own LPG the only way.


    Finally,I wish everyone to Win their ideal Division in the upcoming S4 Final! If you do not have enough time or sufficient level, we can provide you with the best Elo Boosting Service fast!


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