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When Will We Be Able To See Europe Team Finals in S3 Finals Not Just Asian Teams


    S3 World Finals this year 's final will be open play tomorrow, the past dozen days and nights each clan has brought us a number of exciting duel, both group matches, quarter-finals, semi-finals every field there are always so many repeated operation worthy of our wonderful aftertaste.


    The review team once again grouped with the quarterfinals against the table we can see a very amazing situation! S2 Finals against AZUBU FROST VS TPA, two Asian teams duel ; S3 Finals SKT VS ROYAL, and a regional championship teams locked in advance. And almost in the group stage and knockout stage after the game against the Asian team 's game against the European and American teams have occupied the absolute upper hand! ( Do not mention SSO... we all know it is a version of the team ) and in the semi-finals last year, there are two European and American teams S2 GMB and CLG.EU circumstances, this S3 remaining Fnatic Team Europe region into a single seedling four strong, but also a strong opponent in eight European and American clan is the same as the case of C9 into. If eight strong draw for the bottom half with two teams in Europe and America were hit China Hutch, perhaps semi-finals is the all- Asian team.


    S2 and S3 from the quarter-finals to the finals matchup

    S2 and S3 from the quarter-finals to the finals matchup



    This is already sufficient to justify the U.S. and Europe has left League athletics world's highest level farther and farther, as a hero alliance earliest open service area, at least better than Chinese players in Europe and America, South Korea and other Asian players to play the game as early as two years or so, should be more reasonable than other regions of the players union deeper understanding of the hero, and all the heroes, version patch update servers in Europe and America is always ahead of other regions.


    So it is in Europe and America of the players lack talent in games do? Of course not! Alex, Froggen, xPeke, Dyrus, Xpecial and other personal technology, the strength, the bigger picture is impeccable, do not lose Korean players. But their team in the game in the face of China and South Korea and other Asian teams are often caught in a passive, not to play our own strength.


    So is the team of the degree of understanding, teamwork ability is not strong? Of course, not GMB, EG, Fnatic, TSM is S2 existed during the veteran team, the team lineup will not change much in the previous events are showing good teamwork.


    S2 representative teams in Europe and America during the M5

    S2 representative teams in Europe and America during the M5 was also an influential



    Perhaps more problems still lies in the mentality, I still remember the first time OMG's group stage to face Lemondogs, fish in the tower that fleeting a "send " do? Early Lemondogs great advantage in that wave naught, and was breathless OMG counterattack wave hit. Eventually lost the game, and the TSM Dyrus OMG face in the game before personal data very bad, in fact, eat goods personal strength is not bad, even if the online disadvantage will not be too collapse, but once OMG's fast-paced completely disrupted the TSM ground, you can see his pure mind completely off balance. TSM had led the most stable one point did not play its due strength.


    Of course, this is also the server where the atmosphere and their related service in the country with the hanbok, playing qualifying matches the goal is of course to play to win! Many European and American players are more is JUST FOR FUN, for entertainment while playing. Often see foreign players often watch the live audience and the platform you play high TGA live audience can easily find that foreign players are often very relaxed, even in qualifying, will have a lot of madness in the personal development of a good time everywhere seek opportunities to kill a single opponent, has a big advantage does not advance to the other developmental space in peacetime training, play time can be so, but also how to ensure that the game is not so random it? while watching live TGA platform several big God is quite clear you can feel a difference though verbally but the actual total is always joking with teammates for a variety of communication do everything possible to snowball, the purpose is to win in the bag! Although Europe and the United States ranks behind why the time is definitely not the reason the Asian team mentality and server environment alone can explain these two points, but no doubt these two played a key role.


    Asian teams S3 Finals
    Asian teams will continue to be League of Legends Professional circles protagonist The coming period



    Europe team hopes to re- find its own direction, the rapid rise in the S4 season there are more dazzling performance, but maybe short term world "Heroes Union " in the center or in Asia. Tomorrow is the S3 World Finals Final Battle: royal VS SKT, royal, please championship back to China!


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