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Who Is Your Heart The Most Beautiful LOL Girl


    Which game in terms of female players are a beautiful landscape. If ever eSports project, female players are just icing on the cake, it can be said of the now completely occupy half. League of Legends make more and more popular girls to participate, the online and offline should not be underestimated as a group.


    Allstar in the League All-Star Game live, many female players in the game voluntarily wearing costumes to the scene to refuel help out. They some to observe scores and learning experience, some to see the idol, while others are to accompany her boyfriend or friends to the scene to feel the atmosphere. These types of female players is not the same, in addition to youthful female students in the school, as well as the well-known beautiful host mass, more eye candy of plane models. They are the true interpretation of the scene, a pupil of the eye smile, let the race added some brilliant color, which is an electric race ever things are incomparable.


    Spotlight female commentary passion to live audience outside the competition process; female anchor outside the stadium under the scorching sun of professional reporting events; auditorium of the girls put away modesty, with the ups and downs of the game loudly cheered, passion and heat did not lose male players; COSPLAY actor on the stage, is sparing no effort to sway with sweat, their interpretation of the heart, beloved heroes.


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