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Why You Should Choose Our Company EloBoostLOL


    Choosing us, is choosing the best League Boosting service. We have won more games than any other website and this is why:

    100% Anonymous.

    Our experts will never speak to anyone while boosting your account, except for in-game communication. We won't stream games played with your account either (most boosters do this, but not us!)

    Best Quality.

    Our players have all been doing this for a long time, and they know how to carry hard. All of them are at least Platinum 3 on their main account.

    Best Tools.

    We have built a tool for you to communicate with our players (don't hesitate to ask them questions) or check our progress on your boost at any time! Check out the demo of our Members Area. Our players also have an interface where they can see their work and communicate with you.

    Watch your boost.

    You can spectate the games played by us with a secondary account. Just give us your secondary summoner name in a message.

    Pause your order.

    Thanks to our awesome system, it is possible for you to Pause and Resume our service and make sure our players will not connect on your account if you don't want to. This way, you can go play a few normal or custom games and still play on your main account.

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